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There is a time every year when taxes are in need of preparation and business owners are required to pay full attention to their financial statements and records. It can be a tasking responsibility to make sure that taxes are done correctly, especially in the Laguna Beach area where excellent CPA’s are hard to find. Good thing Wynkoop & Associates, CPA have been in the business for years and are now available in the Laguna Beach Area.

Why Us?

We at Wynkoop & Associates, CPA understand that every business has a different need. It cannot be always the same. We specialize in diversification, not only in tax laws but on different business models that serve different industries. Through our years in the auditing practice, our CPA’s have garnered the necessary knowledge and skill set to address any kind of need that may arise from our potential client pool. Not only are we able to carefully assess and consolidate financial statements, but we also can be of help through proper advice and counseling through what your numbers are telling us.
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Given our experience in the industry, we at Wynkoop & Associates, CPA have clients who had tax troubles since their statements were done by professionals who did not understand the nature of their business, the laws that guide it and mostly, the ins and outs. We have dealt with almost all types of businesses, from the food service industry to law firms and we have the necessary history and knowledge that guides us through auditing your statements, carefully, precisely and in your favor.

Skilled Accountants That Understand Your Needs

Tax deductions, sanctions, and penalties can always have disastrous effects on any business. Money is not always abundant and loans are not always a good way to fixing any money related problems. We care and we want our client’s businesses to succeed, which is why, through our auditing, we not only do your taxes but also explain your numbers to you.

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Wynkoop & Associates, CPA have never met a perfect business owner, simply because such an individual does not exist. We see our company as a means to improve every individual’s entrepreneurial ability and skill through proper counseling, advice, and guidance on what your numbers tell us. We understand that clients may not always like this approach which is why through our diversification model, we provide services depending on what you and your business needs. Just tell us, we are very easy to talk to.

We have CPA’s that fall under all the spaces that exist in the conservative aggressive spectrum. Through our years auditing financial statements for different types of businesses and services, we understand that every client may have a different approach when it comes to their income tax preparation. Through your first inquiry, we will ask questions that will help us personalize the service that you will experience with us. This way, not only are we all comfortable, but also solid in terms of achieving our goals, your goals, and the business’ goals.

Whether it’s an income tax preparation that aims to save money or earn more, we will know what to do and how to do it. Trust our knowledge and in-depth experience in the industry, not only has this served a lot of successful businesses but it has also made some.


Businesses face difficulties in complying with the necessary accounting standards and tax laws while maintaining their operations afloat at the same time. Often, due to the lack of expert assistance, they pay fines or have their financial records disorganized. Small to medium businesses may not be able to hire a full-time accounting professional. We can do things in their stead.

We also conduct training and workshops for business owners so you can understand the intricacy of accounting and taxation. Knowing its fundamentals will help you run your firm in the long term.


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