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Every year business owners look for tax accountants to do their auditing troubles for them. However, new business owners might think that it’s easier to do the job DIY style until they find out that it is not the safest road to take when it comes to handling your taxes.

To save yourself from any headaches and hassles, it is best to hire a Newport Beach CPA who will not only discuss and audit your numbers but also translate what they mean to you and suggest ways on how to save money.

We at Wynkoop & Associates, CPA have been in the auditing business for decades and have dealt with all kinds of clients. Not only do we help them with their income tax preparation but also with their business too.

Wynkoop & Associates

Wynkoop & Associates, CPA understand what it means to be a business owner and the taxes you have to pay as you maintain your business. We understand how the IRS works since we have dealt with the organization for years. Whether your tax situation is very complex, confusing or has gone through a lot of changes in the past year, Wynkoop & Associates, CPA will be able to handle whatever the case is with accuracy, care, professionalism and proper advice.
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We at Wynkoop & Associates, CPA is proud to say that our accountants have extensive experience in almost every industry in the market today. This ensures that laws, regulations and industry specifics will be met because they know the ins and outs of whatever industry the company they handle is in. Geared with years of knowledge gained from practicing for decades, we at Wynkoop & Associates are confident in the knowledge and skill of our professionals to handle whatever kind of task that may be brought in their way.
Our CPA pool is also very diverse. Depending on what our clients prefer, our CPA’s range from conservative to aggressive and they all fall on all spaces of the spectrum. We at Wynkoop & Associates understand that some may prefer writing off everything in the financial statements as they possibly can, while others prefer a more conservative approach. Whatever the case may be, we would have the right CPA for you and our representative will make sure that your needs are satisfied as well as your financial statements and auditing needs are properly and carefully assessed and audited.

The Newport Beach CPA Firm That Cares

Aside from our diversity and flexibility in handling whatever the client may need, what is important to note about Wynkoop & Associates is that we value saving business money and satisfying our clients. We understand that auditing is not an easy task and committing errors in such a practice can be disastrous for any business. Businesses, corporations, and companies are the backbone of almost every economy and we at Wynkoop & Associates take pride in rendering our service to these establishments. Not only do we take pride in our practice but in what we bring to the table too. Through our service, we help and we educate and that makes every day of work for us worth it, whatever the case may be.


Businesses face difficulties in complying with the necessary accounting standards and tax laws while maintaining their operations afloat at the same time. Often, due to the lack of expert assistance, they pay fines or have their financial records disorganized. Small to medium businesses may not be able to hire a full-time accounting professional. We can do things in their stead.

We also conduct training and workshops for business owners so you can understand the intricacy of accounting and taxation. Knowing its fundamentals will help you run your firm in the long term.


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